I won’t name names just yet but as things are coming close to resolution, I did want to inform some other Oppos about my experience with a stealership that took advantage of me in a tight spot. Also to see if anyone has any advice on what else I can do. Rant will follow....

Backstory - I drove to Connecticut for a convention and some business travel while I was out there. A few hundred miles left until I got there, I noticed my brakes were at metal on metal. I eased the car to Connecticut and made it without further incident. I’m in CT for 4 days so I NEED to have this fixed no later than the morning of the 4th day.

Day 1 - I drop the car off at the nearby Ford dealership. I explain my timeline and stress I need it by the morning of day 4. 5 minutes later, we agree it needs pads and rotors (I scarred the driver’s side rotor by this point so it was much safer to replace) and I sign the papers to authorize the repair. All told, it’s almost 400 but that’s what I get for not changing them earlier. All in all, small price to pay. Pads and rotors are in stock and they agree to have it done by the end of the day....Until they call me and tell me that the brake lines have collapsed and are no good. They claim this is causing issues with the caliper not releasing for them to put the new brakes on. My 1-year old stainless steel brake lines.

So now I authorize them to replace the lines for an additional 200$ of parts and labor.


Day 2 - Nothing. No updates. no parts.

Day 3 - Nothing. No parts, but a promise that the parts will be delivered the next day i nthe morning and I can leave on day 4 as I originally scheduled.


Day 4 - Nothing in the morning. Oh and they don’t know when FedEx will show up...Somehow a business in this day and age doesn’t know when FedEx will show up. I know when FedEx will deliver to my house within a 1-hour window. BUUUUUUUUT.....whatever.

At 1pm, I’m told they are ready to install and it will take an hour. 3:30pm, I get my car back. This is when I learn something - They claim my car has aftermarket pedals and those pedals screwed up my brake switch so my brakes don’t work properly and they adjusted it for me free of charge. This is news to me but I feel like the FoMoCo stamps on the pedals would indicate that they are NOT aftermarket. But more to the point - This means that the lines did NOT cause my caliper to release, correct? I mean, why would you need to mess with the pedal if the lines were the issue? They fixed the issue!


So I’m driving back home, and I learn that
-The brakes don’t work right
-The brakes don’t cancel cruise control until about 1/4 pedal application
-The throttle pedal seems useless after about 1/3 of the way down
-My brake lights don’t always come on

A few days later, I got it into my local shop. I did call the offending dealership in CT and we agreed that I would take it to another Ford dealershp back home to get an official diagnosis. Here’s what the local shop found
-The pedals are stock
-The brake switch was broken
-The stainless steel lines were in working condition, but the new lines were installed correctly and my braking feel is jut numb because of the stock lines
-The car had a dirty MAF from an oiled air filter and was not running correctly (contrary to CT dealer reporting no engine issues whatsoever but I maintain that the engine was perfect when I dropped it off)
-The rear brakes were low too (CT dealer said my rear brakes were at 75% remaining)


I think I agree with my local dealership more...And of course, the CT dealership refuses to speak with me now until my local dealership talks to them first. THankfully, the locals are on my side and wrote up a multi-page report to send back to them that could be titled “Do you fuckers even know what you’re doing?”. They said there was no reason for them to suspect there were aftermarket pedals and that they should’ve disclosed the issues with releasing the brakes earlier.

So now I’m going back and forth with the CT dealer and am trying to get them to pay for the new brake switch and possibly get a refund for the brake line work (and I forgot how shitty the stock lines feel compared to the stainless steel lines). Anyone else have an experience like this? I’ll post updates as I get them.