Because apparently it’s for fedora wearing, combat booted, skinny jean wearing, be-flanneled, hip young people!

Seriously. An American car company finally figures out they may have more success by leveraging their history and selling a car under an iconic nameplate to hark back to a more glamorous time when it meant something to drive an American luxury car, and then they try to market it to people who would probably never considering anything other than a Prius, and would probably spend fully-loaded continental money on a Tesla.

Come on. I understand the current market is millennials marketing sucks and I do not envy those who have to do it. Either you’re trying to give everything artsy hipster appeal, no matter how much of a square-peg-round-hole situation it may be. Or you’re pulling a goddamn Subaru and just trying to show how generous, friendly, and absurdly diverse your owner group is.

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again: who the hell is marketing to me, or people above the age of 30? This is seriously offputting! Or what about that Cadillac commercial with that fashion designer jumping all over the place?

I don’t want New York City south of Houston Street. Give me Little Italy, the Bronx. For god sake, go across the river to Jersey City. Hire Steven Van Zandt for crying out loud!


Show me the car is owned by normal people! Hell, if you make them angry, mean, unpleasant people I’d be even more interested! Don’t make it look like the CT6 should have an optional roof rack kayak holder! Don’t give Continental buyers a free trunk mounted bike rack with their purchase!