And it Drives and Sounds SOOOOOO MUUUUCCCCH BETTTEEEERRRRRR. No more tick, and it idles much smoother. And the plugs were waaaay bad, I wouldnt be surprised if they were original. They are supposed to be gapped at 0.54”, The ones I pulled out were anywhere from 0.67” to 0.79”. That could be why Ive been getting 14mpg as well as why it wouldnt start yesterday (I had to pump the throttle to get it started).

Also, Thank you blacktruck14, sprinkles are for winners for telling me to get new wires too. For some reason I listened to you and I ended up breaking most of them getting them off. You saved my ass.


I did this in front of the house that Im dog sitting at, got alot of attention from the neighbors, none of it bad I dont think. I was gonna do it this morning but the second I walked out to my truck it started to rain, then it stopped around 4pm, and the second I finished it started to rain again.