Call me a biased GM fanboy now, I dare ya

I’ll get better pictures eventually. Ingot Silver 2015 Ecoboost Premium, manuel of course. Has the shaker pro audio system, blind spot monitoring, rear park assist, and premium interior trim (white stitching everywhere)

I would have preferred not silver, but it looks pretty good. Bigger, darker wheels will help I think, and are probably coming within the next month or two. I thought about waiting for a ‘16, but I got this pretty dang loaded one for less than invoice and they gave me private sale value on my Sonic, so I decided it would be really fun to drive home in a Mustang yesterday.


I’ve only driven it a bit, but I love it. It’s not going to trick anyone into thinking it’s a light and nimble sports car, but even on the terrible OEM tires it feels good to drive. As much as I’ve lambasted synthetic engine noise it sounds pretty great inside in sport+ and track mode. I got it from a dealer about 30 miles from my house, and the highway drive home I averaged 35 MPG. Now that I’ve been driving around suburbs it’s dropped to 26ish, but for a 310 HP 3500lb sports car that’s pretty darn good.

If there’s any questions you’d like answered, pictures you’d like to see, videos you’d wish I’d make, let me know.