...but resistance was futile.

Although for what it’s worth, we actually did have one for a few years before getting the Tahoe... but it was a complete POS which only further strengthened my position against them.

Proof that a turd actually can be polished

We decided to replace it after we had a fairly steady bout of stupid things failing and needing to be replaced. Overall mechanically it was perfectly sound but like I said is was a series of stupid things, like belts, CV axles, and radiator hoses failing which would actually leave my wife stranded. Not to mention the ridiclous number of electrical issues and components that were constantly failing. Which was the last straw for this van.

Enter the Tahoe...


The Tahoe has been a great vehicle for as long as we owned it. We probably paid a little more than we should have initially, but in the long run its hard to complain as it has been perfectly reliable the whole time. It’s never had a major mechanical issue in the roughly four and a half years that we owned it, and overall it was a good vehicle. But like the old Minivan, in typical early 00's GM fashion, it too started to have electrical gremlins rearing their heads. While most of them I was able to repair as they popped up, the rate of failures was only continuing to accelerate. So with nearing 200K on the clock, and in the interest of continuing to have a reliable family hauler, we began exploring our options.

Initially another Tahoe or Suburban were near the top of the list. But after doing a legitimate pro/con list of other options available, and what we lose and gain in the equation going to different vehicle types, minivan’s just kept rising to the top. So as much as I wanted a cooler family vehicle, the logical part of my brain just could not deny that for every metric that truly matters a minivan was honestly the right choice. Although to be fair, my wife was actually the one who wanted an SUV last time, so that’s what we got. This time she was pretty much split between a minivan or Suburban and I had to be the tie breaker and ultimately pushed for a minivan. Sorry GM you make some wonderful engines but until I know that you have gotten better at electrical systems, I’m out.


So we went out and test drove a few of our top contenders including a couple other three row SUVs and other possible family haulers. we eventually narrowed it down to a couple of Odysseys. One newer with fairly high miles and another older one with low miles. We went home and slept on it, and the one that haunted us though was the older one. It was honestly older than we had even initially considered purchasing, but for a 10 year old van it was ludicrously clean and well maintained, not to mention it only had 45,000 miles on it. The newer van had more than three times that. Ultimately logic won out again over vanity and we chose the older nicer van over the newer flashier one.

2/3rds of our vehicles are now Honda

So far I continue to be amazed by how much nicer it is when just doing normal family things with this van. Like unloading the kids at the store. It’s hard to describe the peace that comes from to not having to worry about them bashing people’s cars with their doors. Not to mention they can actually get in an out unassisted because the floor isn’t two feet off the ground. Another great example would be like the other day when were out to dinner with some friends. One of their kids wanted to come by our house to play with our kids. Instead of me having to squat in the cargo area so all of the kids could have somewhere to sit... because the extra back seat is somewhere back at home in the attic, we just popped that bastard out of the floor and rolled out.

Seriously, I get it now... I won’t make fun of minivans anymore (except my own obviously). The only good thing is that as low as the mileage is on this one, I have no doubt that it’ll probably be the last one we ever have to buy.


They’re right.. just buy the damn minivan

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