Well. I got the final payoff on the Leaf. $4,844.19. All I have to do is take it down to the local Nissan dealer and finalize the deal. I am sure they will probably try to tack on some sort of fees and there’s tax as well. Still it’s an ok deal and I am almost 100% sure I will meet the battery warranty for a new battery in the next year.

But......, there’s this nagging at the back of my mind that this is my chance. This is my chance to escape. After four years, I could be free and have something new or at least new to me. It’s like when you’re dating a girl and you’re not real sure about her, and then she starts to drift away or wants to see other people. Part of you wants to let her go and another parts wants to hold on.

Disclaimer: I have been happily married for 22 years and this is strictly a hypothetical.

Now, next door to the Nissan dealer is a Mazda dealer. And they have this on the lot:



It’s just under $10k which I know is overpriced. It should really be somewhere closer to $7k. I know all about this issues - the apex seals and compression loss, the oil injection issues, the pre-mixing, the plug fouling, the weak ignition system, the flooding, the steering rack, the premium fuel, the gas mileage, etc. I am a mechanical engineer and I am anal about my cars, so I think I could handle the upkeep. Yet, I know this would be foolish. This is the really hot, yet chronically unstable, high-maintenance girlfriend. How foolish would I be to give the Leaf and its dying battery back to Nissan and instead, put this in my driveway? Could I really daily this thing with the 944 as backup (I still have the 911 as well)?