Well, I got the job....but I don't know if I want it. What would Oppo do?

Last week I half-heartedly prepped a resume and cover letter for a job. I got a callback the next day and an interview that friday. The offer letter came in today. It’s....it’s a mixed feeling. I’m trying to sort out my thoughts on this. Anyone been in a situation like this?

For starters, I don’t *hate* my current job. But I’m not in love with it. I am a formulations chemist. Or, so my title says, but lately I’ve been our “He’s capable of anything so if someone can’t do it, he can!” guy. So my job is half quality control, instrumentation running, and entering stuff into the computer and maybe half R&D work on a good week. Unfortunately, I am only judged on my R&D work. I like the variety too, but it also feels like my specialties of pool chemicals and surface cleaners and the like are passed up by our electroplating side. So while no one has said anything to my face, I have concerns over where I’m going to be down the line. Although, that’s nothing sure fire.


The new job is very focused - they want me to be their head of development for car wash and car care products. SCORE! I always wanted to do something like this! Unfortunately, the pay increase isn’t too big. Well, it’s about a 9k/yr increase but my commute goes from 5 miles to 40 so my fuel bills will increase. Compensation in general might not be much of an increase - they don’t have a 401k and my current company is an ESOP so we get shares of the company the longer we work there. Plus it is a big responsibility increase. I developed some damn good cleaners and made us a lot of money at this job, even though I seem to get dumped on a lot in meetings for “not doing enough” so......I don’t know.

It comes down to the devil I know or the angel I don’t. And remember - lucifer was an angel at first. Honestly my future prospects at the new job are greater. Much greater. I’d report directly to the company president and have people working under me. But I’m also all of 28 years old and that thought is....slightly stressful. ALthough the future stresses me here too because of the aforementioned future and AFGRFJHAGHDFRHGFAGFDRJKGEIU.

...I’ve got until wednesday. And man, I haven’t the slightest clue yet which one to do.

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