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Well, I guess I asked for it

I like to think of myself as a problem solver. When you do thar successfully, not only will prople pay you well, but they will send you increasingly intractable problems.


The reporter who interviewed me read his article to me over the phone. He presented me as a ruthless SOB, stopping at nothing to protect farmers from employee lawsuits, unions, and government agencies, and not hesitating to use extrajudicial means to do so. It was not entirely inaccurate, but probably overstates my influence and impact. Dramatic license, I suppose.

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On the plus side, he mentioned the Sunchaser (I drove it to the interview), ans described it as “immaculate.”

What I do is controversial, so I can’t blame the guy. It was skewed against me, but not unreasonably so. The only thing that annoyed me was a union guy told a bald-faced lie, and the reporter bought it. It was a melodramatic lie designed to put me in the worst possible light, and the reporter bought it.


Given what I do, I was asking for it.

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