I was driving home today when something yellow flew out the back of the truck. From the distance I was I just though it was a dollar store bag or something and didn’t worry about it, until it hit the road and mist started spraying out of it.

Turns out it was a freaking air compressor. Obviously I had more than plenty of time to react to it, but still. Shit’s cray.

Also at the next light I was in the right land behind a guy who was going straight. The dude who had the compressor flight out of his truck was behind me and got impatient, went over into the center lane, drove into the intersection on red and turned right. SMDH.

And to make it even worse I doubled back for the air compressor and it was gone already. Damn you cheap Houstonians! :)

Anyway here’s the cam I’m gonna get, but I’ll hold off for y’alls suggestions.

Link (Z-Edge Z3 3" 2k Ultra askjvdfworekdl)