I emailed the president of the company this morning asking for us to meet in the middle on salary. And i asked for clarification. I got great answers from him and he even complimented me on asking good questions.

So....yeah. This is the first job I’m not leaving in an angry huff or due to a contract ending. I’ve got my goals and I’m building a plan to achieve them. Feels weird. In a good way, of course, but...huh. Never quite been here before. Mom and dad called and weren’t surprised. I still feel like I don’t deserve this but...here I am. We shall see.

Thanks for the support on this wild journey, Oppo. I’ll post updates on it as I develop car wash soaps and car care products. I might need some.....test subjects ;)

If you wish, post cars driving off in the sunset. This is not an easy group of co-workers to leave behind. And there are good aspects to this place. But I think the world parted some seas for me. The least I can do is take it.