I recently bought a ‘98 Civic LX, D16Y7. The header is cracked. Normally this wouldn’t be a huge problem, but I think it’s affecting the O2 sensor. I believe the car is running lean because of it. It idles very low and sometimes dies. Sometimes it even dies at speed.

So I can just get a new header, right? Well, due to a root canal I had today, I can’t. I’m literally that broke until Friday.

Except I can’t wait until Friday, because early Friday morning, I’m supposed to leave for a rally about 4 hours away.

Last night I tried patching the cracks with JB Weld high temp epoxy, specifically advertised to work on headers. Today, after smoking like a ‘60s school teacher, it promptly separated and fell off.

I haven’t been able to pull codes, since either my reader or my app doesn’t seem to work. I need to go to the parts store today and have them read.


I’m worried about taking the car on a long trip. I’m afraid I could seriously damage something far away from home. I guess the smart thing to do would be to just cancel my plans for the rally.

I’m so annoyed right now. That is all.