Moving day is June 30. I’ll be going from a 4-bedroom (shared) house to my own one-bedroom apartment. So it’s less space, but on the other hand, no roommates. I’ve never had my own place and am wondering what it’s going to be like. Who’s done it?

I can see the upsides. I’ll control the thermostat. I’ll never need to fight for the TV. I can hang around in my birthday suit. No one will eat my leftovers before I can get to them.

But what if I go stir crazy? I might start talking to myself. Or let the place turn into a pigsty. When I go off on trips, who’s watering the plants and getting the mail?

I don’t know. It’s all new for me. At least I have a garage for my car (for a monthly fee...ugh). That was a must-have that I wasn’t willing to give up!