I wrote a week ago about how Chrysler might offer you a $200 rebate if you’re willing to waive your rights to sue them in the future. As you might guess I am against it. Now, you can hear me explain it in podcast form.

Next time you are car buying, read everything they put in front of you before you sign it. It might be that the $200 in “factory” money you are getting comes with some restrictive strings attached. And if you choose not to read what you sign, then that’s on you.

But now I must point out (and thank you for) this: My pod/videocast is now entering its second year. In honor of this, I have a new logo. And, in the last 52 weeks, Lehto’s Law has logged over 100,000 cumulative views and listens on the various platforms. Who knows what the coming year will bring?

That year starts now. Here is the audio:


And the video:

Oh, the driver in the top pic? Just a little confused on how drive-through banking works. She can only manage “Drive up and park banking” at this point.


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