Haven’t even hooked up a mouse and keyboard to it yet, but I already know enough to review it as at least a gaming PC.

1/10 needs MOAR RGB. Wouldn’t recommend to a friend unless it had at least RGB SATA cables. 10/10 would rather remain console peasant.

I’m kidding of course. Although now I need to google/YouTube what to do next. I know it involves installing Windows from a flash drive, but idk what to do from the haxxer screen, I don’t watch many movies from the 90's and early 2000's.

On a serious note, the case was way more A E S T H E T I C than I intended. Because with a mail in rebate this was the cheapest case I found that didn’t have completely lackluster reviews. And I had to get the LED fan for the front because cheap pretty colors.

Also completely forgot to mention. Thank you whoever made that post about the Harbor Freight class action suit, about a year ago. I got a check for $40 out of it a few weeks ago.