Well, i guess i need extra bits of that relationship, so i'll ask you again this time. Here's a Bentley Mulsanne Limousine by Carat Duchatelet for your problems. You know, sometimes standard Bentley is no longer exclusive anymore.

And now, the problem.

As we know, a few weeks ago i start dating my ex again, right?

And, i fell in love with her, and somehow i didn't really love my girl anymore. Until last night, while having a dinner with my ex, she told me that she's in love with her co-worker, and somehow now i haz a sad.

And my girl, well, she's now being eaten by her job that she didn't even bother to reply my text anymore. Seriously. I haven't heard anything from her since the past 2 months or so.

And now i got this idea comes to my mind:

Should i get out from both of my girl and my ex's life?

I mean, i didn't love my girl as much as i love my ex, and i can't see my ex date another man. It's just won't happen.


Or should i get out for my girl's life, and try to get back with my ex by hoping i pull something magical out of my ass?

Or, should i wait for my girl until she had a free time and have some quality time together so i hope i can forgot my ex completely.