The Raider went on it’s maiden voyage today with the Weber. I think it’s still too rich, or maybe the fuel pressure needs backed off a little, but all things considered it’s running pretty damn well.

Noticeably more power and torque, no trouble getting up hills at speed, and only has to turn over once to start from cold. Hot, it has to crank a bit, and is dieseling when shut off.

I also have a bit of slack in my throttle cable to allow for WOT, but it’s making small changes at the beginning of the throttle travel difficult. Hopefully a stronger throttle return spring will remedy some of that...

It’s pretty surreal to for this thing to have so much power. As long as I’ve known it, it’s been anemic and rough, but now it has plenty of power to keep up with traffic, and actually feels fast once you really dig into it. It’s cool, I’m tentatively very happy.

Have some more photos.



Now it’s time to put the cover on for winter.