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Well, I thought I was nearly done welding on the Spit...

Boy was I wrong. 6-3-1 manifold turned up the other day (decided to buy rather than make to save time in the run-up to Europpomeet 2.0 in March). Was informed it would fit by shifting it 1" back. Sorely mistaken.

Turns out you could possibly fit it by scalloping the crossmember if you shifted in 1.5" further back, but that puts the steering rack sitting directly on the scallops I’ve knocked into the bottom of the sump to clear the 2.5l crank. So, whole shebang needs to go back 3", which means new engine mounts, new gearbox mount, clearancing the bulkhead and clearancing the chassis.

Engine mounts are done though :)

And it fits!


Here’s the extra clearance needed on the bulkhead:


And the issue with the gearbox mount (little vertical threads should be where the slots are...


If I can get all of that sorted in a week then I’m still on track for my schedule to get it done for March. Better get cracking!

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