I figured it was kinda messy... but nowhere near as messy as it actually was. I read this and just laughed from it. I know not all these reports are accurate, but if buying a used car that seems a little to good to be true, spend the money. Let’s dive in!

Two accidents? Ok, they might not be too bad. Oh, major title problems reported? Hmm... let’s keep going.

Louisiana and Florida... they might not be so bad...


Well here comes the fun! Total loss, rebuilt, and auction!

That’s a good sign at least.


Another good sign! Maybe the car is better than I thought!

I’m going to take that back... I had no clue it was stolen until digging much deeper.


Now we are getting into the “Detailed Vehicle History”

Car was shipped to a dealer in Texas and ended up in New Orleans. As I suspected, the first 5 years of life for this car seemed rather good. Then he hit a parked car. Then three years of nothing. That is rather alarming. Now it’s in New York... no mention of how it was fixed. Then back in New Orleans? And then stolen in 09. And stolen again in 2010. Now its been written off. The insurance company bought it out here.


Yes there is even more red! Someone bought it from auction and reconstructed it. It then went back to auction. I’m confused here though because it was titled to the insurance company again. Then it came to North Port, Fl (near me). I’m a bit lost here again. Registered in August.. titled in October, then sold??? and registered again in November?

And then it ended up in Illinois somehow.


Now its back in Florida... oh so we think. It has a duplicate title still in Illinois? Kinda funny, kinda sad is that someone got the car on the 18th and then on the 23rd had an accident! It lasted 5 days! Insurance says moderate damage; something tells me thats kinda bad. Like maybe an airbag or two. I’m not too sure. Some more registration here...

That top one in Venice is when I finally got to the car. With the white bumper. And a host of shoddy repairs. That one service is from Aamco oddly enough when I got an oil change... Then I sold it on 2/27 and oddly enough she still has it; I wonder if its running.


A quick VIN Google pulls up this image from one of the auctions it was part of. This might have been when it stuck a parked car.

Now, keep in mind this doesn’t include any of the problems I had, which led to my sale. This car was such a mess. I guess the lesson is that buying these can be helpful. I felt it was kinda too funny to share at this point.