But, after running the numbers, the gas just makes way more sense. Which sucks, because I really wanted to buy the diesel. Diesel will tow better and have better mpg while towing, but we only tow our travel trailer a few thousand miles a year, tops. Here’s the math to justify it.

The diesel option adds about $4,000 to the price. I drive almost all highway, so I’ll ignore city and combined MPG ratings. Diesel highway is 29 mpg, gas highway is 24 mpg (4x4 version). I base it off the price per mile, how much it cost to drive 1 mile in each vehicle and see where the break even point is. Unless there’s a big price gap betwen gasoline and diesel fuel cost, like $3 for diesel and $4 for gas, it’s hard to justify. (example of diesel at 3.50 and gas at 4.00 shown in the graph)