Well, I'm moved

Here’s how my day went:

Got to Uhaul at 8:45 for them to be open at 9 am for my reserved truck.

Guy rolls in to open somewhere around 9:10-9:15

Sets alarm off so wait while that gets sorted.

Talk to a lady about her dog and helped her load the old guy into her car while her husband was getting their rental.


Guys who showed up after me but got in line in front of me didn’t have a reservation but wanted the guy to show them different trucks and go over prices.

Eventually they get a 15' truck. They get the keys with directions to where the truck is and I start to get helped. They come back 3 different times with issues that the poor uhaul guy has to get up and deal with because these idiots can’t follow basic directions or back up a 15' truck. Once they finally leave the lot the guy looked at me and said “they should’ve gotten the insurance”

Once it got to me my contract that I had already filled out and set up on the phone/online got messed up. Originally $154 blew up to $370. Among the extra costs: 14 dollies and 27 furniture pads. Once things got fixed it all worked out. I’m even due a refund of almost $13. Leave uhaul at 10:15

Because it took so long at uhaul my friend who was helping was only able to help for a short bit before having to leave. Loaded all my stuff and set off for my parents. Get to parents, unload some stuff and load on some furniture. Discover the couch and chair I planned on taking had been ruined after being in the basement so long.


Lots of accidents on the way out so a 1.5ish hour drive turned into over 2 hours. Unloading went smoothly. Had to call water department to come back out to turn on my water because they turned it on and then back off.

Drop off uhaul. Head back to atl for my car and tv. Back to athens. Unload last stuff out of my car and then a trip to Walmart for cleaning supplies. Lots of pictures taken of various bits of damage I don’t want blamed on me for move out and pictures of how disgustingly dirty the house is/was. Found significant mold in one closet and signs of water damage from a leaking roof in several other places.


Give up on the idea of unpacking and just work on scrubbing the bathroom so I can get clean and go to bed. Finally get to bed around 1:30 am. Get up at 6 for work. I’m tired.

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