...but it's not my fault.

I took my phone in for repairs two weeks ago, and after botching the repair, they had to send it to their repair facility in Georgia. Fine.

I called the day it was promised to see when I could pick it up. They said they would have to check, and would call me back. We did this dance for three days. Not fine.

On the fourth day, they discovered that it had been repaired, sent back, and had been sitting in the store for 3-4 days without a volume button. Not fine.


After finally talking with the kid Friday night, he said he could not find a button anywhere locally, and would have to resort to eBay for it. Great, how long is that going to take if he's left to manage the remainder of this repair. He said "a week" but I've heard that before.....

Long story short - Now I'm that asshole* the kid probably dreads hearing from.


*Relative term. If by setting deadlines for status updates, and calling them when they miss them makes me an asshole, I'm fine with that. They obviously can't manage their own repairs, and I just started to hold them accountable.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.