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Well I'm Pissed: Car Wash Edition

Got my car detailed while I was at work...and by detailed I literally just mean washed and waxed. They washed in a bay and parked outside. When I got there, I see multiple spots on the front just crying for my attention.

Not sure if it will show up but lookie here:


This one is heart shaped. L for love!

4 of these on the front with tons of chips. Isolated to the front and I had not seen these on my car at all until today.

Oppo, thoughts? I’m fuckin’ pissed because there’s nothing they did that could have caused it (and I had the conversation with the two people who worked on it). The chips make me think that the clear coat just wore away and the wash just took any flakes with it. Then the wax sealed the deal. Bottom line, I need to repaint. My rear fender has a crack as well but I’ve been putting that off for months now because I didn’t want to pony up. Guess everything will happen sooner rather than later. This is why I miss my own driveway because I’ve never had anyone wash my car but me.


Potato pic of the whole thing.

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