Well, isn't that a Merry flippin' Christmas for ya...

Some unedited non-merry comments after the jump....




and stuff

So, in August our basement flooded. Like, 10 inches from the basement ceiling/1st level floor joists, everything floating, pretty much everything down there destroyed. Including our Christmas decorations, other than one tote of sentimental tree decorations Mrs. Comes over thought to grab before shit hit the fan completely. So, wanted to get a little in the spirit to say eff you to the flood gremlins and bought a laser light projector to ‘decorate’ the front of the house without having to spend a lot of time or money doing it.


Went out of town for a day, came home and rushed to Christmas Mass, got home and the lights weren’t on. Went to jiggle the cord a little or something, get it working...the whole thing is gone. Some fuckwad stole it right out of the yard.

Merry Christmas, ya fucks.

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