Back to parking hell, maybe. So I rent one spot in three for the Z, then I asked if I could have a second one and they said yes. Well this truck you see there is owned by a guy who has apparently rented that space for ten years. I haven’t see it in over a year. I was under the impression I was getting that space for my truck when it’s done and I was parking the Mercedes there for a placeholder and so I don’t have to fight the street parking wars. So I drove the Merc for a few days and went to park it yesterday, and that truck is there!! The issue is the bus stop is in the way of the third space so unless the person owns both cars on the left they can’t play musical cars to get it out. SO I’m screwed.... So the manager is going to ask the owner if there are any more spots he would be willing to rent.

Can I just say fuck all of you with garages and driveways!!


Sylvie was unsure about the heater, but now she seems to see the heat is worth being near it.

Some DOTS: 


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