My first accident with actual damage. I saw a mangled up ladder in the road and almost hit it. Didn’t register at the time, but that naturally meant that someone else HAD; half a mile down the road, I had a chunk of rubber launched at my car and then ran right over an entire tire. Dashcam video coming soon, and I’ll get better pictures later today.

My front bumper insert is toast, and the rear bumper was also knocked a bit out of place. I heard a bit of metal clunking on my way home, so I think the exhaust might have also been loosened.

I watched as dozens of other cars hit the same tire, littering the highway with debris; one CRV lost its entire bumper cover while I was recording with my phone, so that’s also coming soon.

But anyway, this sucks. I’m on the fence whether I want to report it and collect insurance or not. On the one hand, it would be nice to just get two shiny new bumpers. On the other, I can probably find them used for less than my deductible anyway, and then I don’t have to worry about my rates going up.

The only upside I can see is that I now have an opportunity to get body-color !-trim inserts.