Well, it finally happened

Fell off a ladder. Or more precisely, had a ladder collapse under me and fell while tangled up in it.

Injury count: one very stiff, swollen purple wrist. One slightly hyperextended knee. One knee with increasing pain along the outside edge. Numerous scrapes. Bruised pride.


I was stepping off of a roof onto my ladder and the feet slid out. One of my legs went through the ladder rungs and I followed it down to the ground, landing with most of my weight on my ass, fortunately. There was zero panic, just a strange calm. “well, here I am. I’m falling. Stay loose.” that followed by a landing that my mind can’t seem to recreate. Funny. Solid couple minutes laying on the ground in the rain. No shock, the wind wasn’t knocked out of me like I’ve seen with other accidents, it was all strangely detached. Finished the home up with the help of my partner (he did most of it) and called my next job to reschedule for next week. Pain came near the end of the job, which was about an hour after the fall. Thankfully both myself and the ladder avoided the nearby car.

The worst part is that this is a job I’ve done for years, and every time I’ve told myself “you need to stop coming here.” there are numerous issues that make this an unsafe job site that I’ve pointed out to the homeowner, and every time I’ve been told that they’d take care of it next time. That hasn’t happened. So... I’ve raised the prices. Each year, prices have gone up, and I’ve used that to justify doing work that I know is unsafe. Paying the price for that now, but I’m glad it was me and not one of my guys.

So, what’s the consensus medical oppos? Ice?Heat? Amputation? We’re driving back to base where I’ll grab my car and drive home (Miata is going to feel cramped today), and the rest of the day will be spent resting. Certainly not the worst thing in the world. I would imagine in a week or so I’ll be good as new. Thursday through sunday was already work free, and I may even stay home tomorrow. Call it a week-long staycation!


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