Well, it had to happen and it did.

old nexus, meet slightly younger iphone 6s

Hey old phone, how has stuff been? yeah, I hear its tough... did you go to a technician?

So you’re out of warranty huh. Oh, this is Iphone 6s, glad you asked!

Yes Iphone is a bit younger and maybe iphone looks a bit like you, but I mean, Iphone different, Iphone is obsessed photography!


How dare you compare iphone with you! iphone is not similar!

We had our good times Nexus but we had to part ways, you just kept getting sicker and I couldn’t deal with it! I needed you and you always let me down!

I didn’t go to iphone because of that, it just happened, I can’t deal with you anymore! I hope I only see you when I need to back up my pictures but other than that, so long Nexus.

So *Sniff*......

long *cries*...........


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