Well it looks like these are mine!

Thanks to Flavian-San (domo domo arigato gozaimas!) pointing them out. I had honestly stopped searching for them on Yahoo Japan etc.. because they are so expensive. These are around $600 but I have seen them go for $1700 in auctions in Asia and the USA. They won’t do international shipping so I am getting a mail forwarding service in Japan to ship it out. I wanted to ask my sister in law but my wife said no... shut down. She also had to talk to the guy in Japan and the forwarding company for me so she is annoyed! Thank you dear! I’ve never seen a pair of these on a car in person, in the USA so I’m stoked. These are not from the early 70's, Nissan was allowing someone to make them as replacement parts until the 90's or so and you could actually order them with a part number from a Nissan dealer, but many US Z owners have no idea the cars were meant to come with these, damn the USA and their light cover laws! Jaaaag people felt the pain as well, no E Type looks good to me after the first gen and the third is an abomination, like the 280Z park bench bumpers.


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