I picked up my phone today!

Look at that gap! LOOK AT IT!

I can squish it flush, but it bounces right back.

Gaps big enough to slip paper into. (and deep)


Hey, where'd my "<" go?

Repair of the century, I tell ya.

This is getting worse by the minute. Now I'm supposed to go to a Sprint store and just drop it off like nothing happened. Like, "Hey man, can you fix my phone?" How am I supposed to do that, knowing that the second they take a look at it they'll think I tried fixing it myself, and am covering it up.


Should I just fess up with the tech at Sprint that he's facing a failed repair of a phone that has been opened 2-3 times, or just pretend something is "wrong" with the display?

After 24 days, this is all I have to show for it.