I say was going to go to bed but at 2:20am the internet went out and I couldn’t sleep knowing it was out and had to try and get it, erm, in again I guess. Cue 20 minutes of fettling and it was working again.

For half an hour then it went out again, so I did some of the stuff I did before and then thought, sod it and unplugged it all and put out all the recycling waste for the bin men to come and get at 8am and 11am (cardboard and plastic goes on one truck at 8 and glass and metal goes at 11). Plugged it all back in and we’re up and running.

Sorted my mother’s meds out and now I’m wide awake so here’s what I did yesterday.


Went out to a Sicilian restaurant with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed just not being at home or work, having a good meal (spaghetti bolognese with a large glass of pinot grigio followed by another (only drank half this time as the atmosphere and everything meant the alcohol was affecting me more), followed by a latte macchiato with an extra shot of espresso then a small limoncello).

A small few ics of the restaurant from where I was sitting.

Nicely decorated, not too busy on the eye but not plain either.


From the front door you turn right and presented with an archway to the cathedral grounds.

The other side of the archway into the cathedral grounds.


Cominy from the archway


Immediately in front is the priory (which has a nice cafe underneath)


Some of the dozen or so houses on the grounds for the staff from grounds keepers, masons, etc... (the cathedral is behind the building)

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