Well, it's Happened

So, my wife is beginning to complain about the seats in the Kia. They’re econobox-firm, and not very wide, and combined with the relatively firm suspension and short wheelbase of the Soul, she’s not happy with the ride. Of course, in the 40,500 miles we’ve had it, it hasn’t had a single issue aside from needing new tires, but that’s really just a bonus.

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Of course, we’re averaging 31-32 MPG and it requires an oil change about three times a year to the tune of $40. And it has yet to need an alignment or any work other than cosmetic stuff. (If anyone knows where to get a cheap front and rear bumper cover let me know.)

She wants a wagon - and she wants a fast, reliable, luxury wagon. Like an Audi or Volvo. After the Passat debacle I warned her that I didn’t want another VW — especially one that was poorly maintained before we got it.


A reliable Audi wagon will definitely be out of our price range if we trade the Soul within the next year. So I’ll be window shopping a while, and when we get the Kia traded, we’ll get me a cheap truck to run back and forth to work.

Any suggestions?

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