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Well, I've seen the light

8 foot beds are the bee’s knees.

That said... New full-size trucks are waaaaay too tall. I know some of you have argued with me on this point, but come on. I’m over six feet tall and I have to stand on the tire to grab one of these bins from the center of the bed. I have to lift these bins up level with my face to get them over the bed. That’s... Absolutely rediculous. Opening the tailgate and climbing up every time I need to put something in or take it out (an argument someone tried to stump me with) is grossly inefficient. If this was my personal truck the front end would be dropped at least 2 inches and the rear 3 inches within the first week. Boom. Infinitely better work truck for a couple hundred bucks.


I’ll do a full review eventually. I really, really like Silverado, despite a few annoyances. I’ll be installing a ladder rack and spraying bedliner sometime this week.

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