Illustration for article titled well..lets see what the new years tally is

2 dead... sad story...some idiot kids (12 and 13)decided to attempt to blow up the front porch/entree lobby of a housing flat caused a fire...the fire caused the flat to lose electricity wich really sucked for the family of 4 who were in the elevator when that filled with smoke... dad and son didnt make it mom and daughter still in the hospital


64 car fires just in the hague (i think its a little over 100 total....some got asploded)

total estimated damage 15-20 million euros... thats just insured stuff tho... injuries and shit were not counted in the estimate

this is...uhh.. pretty average actually.... most of the trouble to be found in the big cities... where idiots were throwing fireworks and rocks at first responders....again

that shit is why its only a matter of time till i wont be able to legally play with fireworks no more


fucking idiots...fucking it up for everyone

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