This is from July of last year. Current mileage is close to 70k

It’s been a pretty successful year for the little Lancia barring a month of being inoperable. It’s got a larger carb and the new cams are finally installed. Haven’t driven it with both together but that can wait till the spring. Went on a 1,000+ mile road trip over the summer including hitting Independence Pass, the Million Dollar Highway, and Wolf Creek Pass. It was never meant to go that high but it did great, anyways.

Projects for the winter are pretty much all cosmetic and should be pretty easy. Replacing that little broken vent you see in the photo, repainting the wipers (the driver’s side is just blinding bare metal at this point), and ordering a “double-bubble” targa roof to try and save the original softtop a bit longer.

After that it’s just trying to save up for new paint.