No idea why, kind of went with the moment on this one lol. Looked at it, thought it was nice and I wanted to play with one for a couple days as it’s been a while since I got to drive one, so... here I am!

1.6L engine, hardtop AND soft top, LSD, 85000 miles, minor scratches here and there but good condition overall. AC Compressor works but blows hot air and pop-up headlights seem locked on the “up” position. I’ll have to look into it... Other than that, not a single rust, no tear in the interior... Just a great little car! Can’t wait to play with it in the mountains. It will be on sale fairly soon, probably for around or a bit less than $5000 landed. With a hardtop, I think it’s a decent/hard to beat price :)


Bonus: how to test if a car has a LSD in an auction parking lot? Not discreet, but it works :)