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Well, looks like I'll be headed back to Roswell soon

Got the M3 stashed in a parking deck, topped off the 3 this morning, leaving work early today, the plant should be shut at least Monday, so I shouldn’t have to hurry back.. All I need to do it get some hurricane supplies.


If you’re wondering why I’m not taking my beloved M3, it’s because the distance between my apartment and my parents abode is at the limit of the M3's fuel range. If I get stuck in traffic and I can’t find fuel, there is a real chance I could run out. Plus, it’d have to sit outside at the parents. So I put it in a parking deck in an area that would have to get a 30'+ storm surge, and then get to the level the M3 is at. I’m not too worried about it. Hold on tight E203239.

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