Well nobody called it on the rental.

It was a Hyundai i30 (about the size of a Ford Focus).

The guy picking us up from the bodyshop came in a Jeep Renegade, it was awful, ride was solid and jolty over small bumps, tacky Jeep logos everywhere (on the speaker surrounds, seat bases and the radio had ‘since 1941' on the top).

Got to Enterprise and four Americans were there. A staff member asked if the Jeep would do them. They said yes but as one of the guy’s filled out the paperwork, one of the women ran back inside shouting “it’s a stick, are you confortable driving stick”, the guy just said “I guess so”. Lol.

The group of four then tried getting all their luggage into the boot of the Jeep, which is a very small boot really.

Filled out the paperwork on ours and walked out to the car, a Hyundai i30 (about Focus size), the member of staff said “I don’t know if it’s much bigger than your’s, we gave you a free upgrade”, her face said it all when I said, “no, it’s much smaller”. Ouch.


It’s okay I guess. It’ll only get used to go to and from work tonight.



At least it’s another car for me to clean and hopefully return it in a better condition than we got it in. I’ve already removed a load of scratches from around the car. Wash tomorro and seal then the interior.


I kno it’s just a rental workhorse but I nearly cried when I saw the guy use a bucket of dirty water stiff brush, then go from panel to lower edge and then up, onto the wheel, then back up to the panel again.

It's a hard life they lead.