This past weekend I had a yard sale, which has literally nothing at all to do with my problem except that having the yard sale meant moving the Jaguar outside so I could stage the tables and items in the garage the week prior. And my problem involves the Jaguar.

My Jaguar is the typical V12 Jag in that it spends more time in the garage than on the road, but it’s beautiful and I love it anyway. However, I haven’t really driven it a meaningful distance in a year. That, by itself, is not the problem because it doesn’t cost me anything to own it...$190 a year for insurance, and that’s about it.

So we’re setting up the yard sale, and my dad mentions that he’s considering buying a C6 Corvette, which is cool. He’s been toying with getting a C5 for years, but C6s have become so affordable, he’ll probably go that route. The problem is that he’s going to sell his motorcycle (1980 Honda Goldwing, not my style) and his Camaro to do it.


The Camaro is a ‘94 Z28, 6 speed, t tops, and he’s had it since 1998. It’s probably the best overall car our family has ever had; the optispark died at 100k, as its religion dictates, and besides that we’ve literally never had a problem with it. Of course, it helps that my dad is a crazy person and its obsessive compulsive in his maintenance.

So I don’t want to see the Camaro go away, but it seems likely that the Jag would have to go away in order for the Camaro to not go away. This is my problem.

In favor of the Jag: I’m a Jaguar guy above all other brands, it’s about the nicest example of its breed that you’ll see, and I’ll likely never see another one. It rides and drives very smoothly, just a fantastic ride

In favor of the Camaro: It’s big, dumb, American muscle. T-tops and a stick are always appreciated. And when I was 18, I raced a Ferrari while driving it, one of my all time favorite driving moments.


Against the Jag: It’s a V12 Jaguar, and problems arise as quickly as I can extinguish them...sometimes quicker. I wouldn’t call it fun to drive. I have to keep it in the garage simply because of what it is, I can’t leave it outside.

Against the Camaro: I have never, and will never, be a Chevy far as American cars, I’m a Ford guy. It’s something I can see myself being sick of after owning it for 4 months. If I sell the Jag to buy the Camaro, I’d always kinda resent the Camaro.


Part of me thinks the thing to do is let the Camaro go, sell the Jag, and not worry so much about it. What I have with these two cars is more about history and less about what I actually want in a car, you know? The Jag is always goin to be my grandfather’s car, and the Camaro is always going to be my dad’s car...there’s nothing I can do with either that will make them more my car.

Any of you guys ever been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?