At lunch I ran to the Xfinity store to drop off my modem since I bought my own a while ago and forgot ot return the loaner and get 10$/month off my bill. I walk in and the rep who helped me goes “’re out of contract with us and are doing month to month” I tell them yeah, but the rate didn’t go up much and I didn’t feel like doing any games of signing with someone else or whatever to get another promo rate. He goes “But if you were willing to commit to another year, would you do it to save some money?” So I say sure, why not? “Okay, you can stay at the same speed you’re at now and save 20$ a month, or double your speed and save 5$ a month”.

Results are pictured. 15$ less per month than before. Double speed. THank all the stars that charter and AT&T and a few others moved in cause damn did Xfinity up their pricing game.