Test drove that LS400. For $2700, it was what I expected, except for the steering wobble. Seller told me immediately, “I just figured out yesterday, it isn’t the tires, it’s the front left trailing arm! You can’t buy it yet, because I ordered the trailing arm, and it should get here next week, and I’ll sell it to you after I install it!”

He still let me give it a thorough test drive, though. I spent a good 30-40 minutes driving it around, testing the throttle, brakes, transmission, looking under the hood. There was a lot to like about the car, and he was being up front about wanting to fix the last few issues before he’d sell it. Seemed honest. The car drove well, and like I said before, for the price, it was what I expected. (207k on the odometer.)


His name isn’t on the title. Didn’t know much about the car’s history. And I ran the Carfax - six previous owners, and it had been in a collision back in ‘12: “Vehicle involved in a rear-end collision, Involving rear impact, With another motor vehicle, Front primarily damaged, Rear primarily damaged, Functional damage reported”

Not sure if he’s a curbstoner or not, but even if he isn’t, that Carfax report was not what I wanted to see.

Maybe I can find something in DFW when I’m up there next week. Bleh.