I wish I could make this face.

I had a bad day. It is a strange thing to be in demand and to have new markets opened when I am a beleaguered as I have ever been. My enemies are far more politically connected than I, and they are after my license despite the fact that I have never had my day in court, or any opportunity to contest the allegations against me. I really underestimated the impact of politics, and overestimated the impact of the law. Dumb.

I spent the afternoon reviewing and commenting on my lawyer’s response to the attacks on my license. If you read my posts and think this shit is all sunshine and rainbows for high pay, think again. People want to ruin me and take my livelihood for what I have done to protect my clients. 9 families depend on me for their livelihood, and I feel that pressure.

My adversaries have all the advantages on me. They walk the halls of power, I do not.


I have nothing original or interesting to post, so the least I can do is give you some Toby.


He is a good boy. He doesn’t give a shit about any of this crap.