I’m not sure what the fuck is up with Japan and cats but damn... I was driving in the middle of my city on the main street, right during rush hour. Stop at a traffic light, gave a quick look to the car in front of me on my right side: Holy shit a 2 months old kitten fell from under the car, near the exhaust, turned around on himself, panicked and desappeared back under the car! Parking brake, jumped out of my car, and rush to the other stopped car, knocking at the driver’s window: “There’s a tiny cat somewhere under/inside your car!”. The woman look at me weirdly. “Hum, yeah I heard little noises...”.

Duh you idiot! The little thing was meowing like crazy! I get under the car, can’t see a cat or anything but I keep on hearing it... I was afraid that he got inside a spring or something but apparently not. I get under a bit further and I see it ON TOP of the exhaust, stuck in there. I touched the exhaust, it was hot but not “I’m burning” kind of hot. Good thing it was a kei-car, the tip of the exhaust of my RX7, 2+ meters away from the engine can burn cloth in seconds!

I managed to grab the thing, wit hthe entire traffic on lockdown as we were blocking everything... I hand the cat to the woman: “Oh no I’m sorry, I can’t have a cat...”. WTF?? Really??


I run back to my car the cat in my hands, trying to escape and with a crazy heartbeat. I leave and the little thing frees himself from my hand inside the car! Fuuuuuuuck!

I stop the car as fast as possible on the side of the road. He is INSIDE my dasboard! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!

I open the door, it’s night already here and trying to catch him from somewhere near the gauge access but can’t right away. I spend a good 5 minutes under there trying to catch him. I managed to push him over the steering column and finally grab him... This time, not letting him escape!!

I drove right away to my vet who offers kitten for adoption all the time, they took him and now he is being cleaned up and will find a new owner certainly very soon, considering he is really small and these kind of cats gets adopted really quickly.


Fucking hell, what an evening!

It’s a girl, before leaving I told the assistant vet: “Her name is Borla-chan btw!”:)


She looks like this, but a lot dirtier and smell like exhaust lol

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