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Well, Oppo...

I'm having to make a very tough decision. I have three options:

A: Stay where I am, even though I'm not terribly happy, and the Federal contract I'm on may not be renewed. (I'll know, within the next two weeks..)

B: Move to Michigan, where I have a job offer in hand, albeit for $0.16/hour less than I'm making now, job security through 2018 (Federal contract, as well), but with no chance for promotion, but a lovely redhead to keep me company. OTOH, said redhead has a daughter, so I'll have to learn how to parent, fast.


C: I've been speaking to a recruiter at a very large, well-known Federal contractor about an OCONUS position on Gitmo. They're supposed to let me know within the next couple of weeks if they've got the contract, and if so, I'll have to hang tight until August, then have a flurry of activity, since I'd need to be on-base 1 September. However, with this, I could only take one car, and I'm thinking it'll be the Fiat.

Do I stay with what I know, even though it'll make me unhappy, do I go with the position where my personal life will be more fulfilled, at the expense of my career, or do I take the jump, go OCONUS at the expense of a budding relationship, and then try to make up the lost time, later? Right now, I'm thinking I'd be better off going OCONUS, but...

Have an Abarth for your trouble.

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