I’m going to take my driver’s test for the second time on Wednesday. Not going to lie, feeling real nervous. I just lose a lot of confidence whenever I have someone unfamiliar in the car with me because I’m always nervous about making a simple mistake, and when I make a mistake, I lose composure, and when that happens, everything goes to shit. It didn’t help that last time I failed, I was scolded and berated by my dad and was told by him that I deserved to fail, despite being nervous because he was being a real asshole backseat driver that day. I don't know what'll happen Oppo, I hope I don't fuck up horribly, but I easily could. I want to drive my Eldorado by myself, I want to drive with my friends, I want to finally have it so I can get a job, earn some cash and move out. I'm just unsure about how it'll go down. Wish me luck Oppo, I hope to get it right this time.