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Well, Oppo, For Better or Worse, We Expanded the Fleet

I know that Nissan doesn’t get a lot of love around here, but after test driving all of the mid-size offerings, we decided that the best fit for the best price was a Frontier. This little truck came home with us over the weekend.

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Photo: Me, myself, and a dog named Rocky.

We really had to buy something new because dropping our daughter off at college meant that the Outback is no longer available as a second car. I know there haven’t been many changes in the Frontier in a very long time, but I see that as a good thing. Parts should be plentiful and cheap. Being a relatively simple design, there’s not much to break. Being a fairly late model, it has bluetooth, backup sensors, and a backup camera. It had a bit over 50k miles when we bought it. It’s a long bed (6 ft, hah!) with a spray-in liner and the fancy tie-down system. It’s so clean it looks like it’s never carried a load of anything.

The trip back from Texas was as we hoped - non-eventful. The little truck is surprisingly quiet, even if it rides like a truck. We tried out everything and it works fine.


There are a few flaws as one would expect with a used truck. We have to put in a new windshield and the tires have a year, maybe two, left in them. The windshield would have been replaced at the dealer today, but we needed to be back in Louisiana, so they knocked a few hundred off the price to cover the cost of a new windshield. It has a few minor paint scuffs and one door ding. Neither are a big deal.

Overall, it’s just about everything a kid could want in his first vehicle. It’s a hell of a lot nicer than my first truck!

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