After a week of title-stress [owner had requested a duplicate title because he couldn’t find the original, then found the original and that’s what I took to the NYS DMV, where they told me I had to wait for the duplicate] I finally was able to register & plate the car on Friday.

She’s a 2004 Honda Civic EX Coupe, with the 4spd Autotragic in some grey color with a few dings, dents and love taps. The interior’s in pretty great shape, minus the door card on the drivers door coming off. Nothing superglue wouldn’t fix.

As she sits now, there’s 101410 or so miles on it. Needs an oil change, but the airbag recall’s been done, alone with the timing belt. Tires have under 10k on them, and brakes were done at 90k miles, along with tranny fluid.

There’s a little bit of rust in the trunk near the spare (the spare has NEVER been used), but it looks superficial. From what I can tell, the weatherstripping along the trunk needs to be replaced. No biggie. And then I’ll grind down the rust. Needs a new jack for the same reason.

Edit: Today I took some mcguires headlight cleaner and now the headlights look significantly better.

So, without further ado. Pictures;