Well Oppo, if I don't make it back...

...you guys will have to squabble over who gets my Accent. Don’t fight too much.

I’m headed out into the snow on a few short jaunts for some computer tutoring/work. Long story short - I had an alignment last year from massive feathering wear on the inside of my front two summer tires (it ruined them), so I sold the two rear ones (still great with no issues), get rid of the feathered fronts and found a new set of all-seasons.

Fast forward to this year as I am currently late getting my winter tires on. Was looking at my summers the other day and SAME ISSUE. Both fronts are incredibly feathered on the inside edge - rears are fine! I haven’t hit many bad potholes, so what is causing this? I think my suspension is very worn (original suspension, car has 131,000kms)...could that cause it? Is an alignment once a year a common-enough thing? I never had ONE alignment on my last car and I owned it for 5 years and the tires were fine on it. I also never had alignments on this car for the first 3 years and the tires were always fine, so what’s up now...?

I have an appointment to get my winters on (and an alignment) next Friday. Problem is, we are starting to get snow/ice here (5cm coming down as I speak) and as I have learned from the last few days, the fronts are worn so smooth on the feathered edges that they have almost NO grip the second ANY snow or ice is on the road (and they hydroplane like mad in the rain as well on puddles...).


I could get my winters swapped now, but I would be worried about them getting feathered as well in a week of travel as I have a long commute each day (80km a day) and I’ve been trying to hold off until next Friday when my alignment is...but with the weather and the poor grip, it’s more of a safety issue now. Opinions and thoughts Oppo? I’m a bit at a loss as to wait or not. How messed up could my OK winters get from the poor alignment after 350km of driving (I only work 4 days next week)?

Pics for reference - rears first which have an OK amount of tread (it’s more than it looks in the pics).

But the fronts are very feathered on the inside edge...the front-right is the worst (last pic).


Hoping the alignment solves it....hate to have wasted the two tires though. Hitting myself as I could’ve caught it sooner, but working 4 jobs means I haven’t given myself the time to really keep an eye on them. Well, let me rephrase that - I’ve kept an eye on the pressures....all of which haven’t been bad (though one was 10lbs low at one point), but didn’t really pay attention to the tread wear. :(

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