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Well Oppo it might be time for Automatch to retire...

After weather and scheduling delays my client finally took delivery of her E91. BMW of the Main Line was nice enough to drive it all the way to Baltimore. The car only has 423 miles...yes, you read that correctly. Apparently the story with this particular BMW is the dealership purchased it as a "mechanic training" car. Techs from other dealerships would tweak, test, and drive it for professional development. Now I am not one to toot my own horn but this particular sale bears some reflection. My client was driving possibly the most least Jalop car: a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, she is now driving a very Jalop car....BMW...manual....RWD....wagon! When I looked there was about 57 manual BMW wagons for sale in the entire USA. I don't know how I am going to top this one. But I guess I should stick around a little longer and try. :D


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