I really wanted these tires to last all season, but it looks like the cord is ready to say hi soon

The frustrating part is how great the rest of the tire is. The inside shoulders look brand new!

Seeing as I’d rather not get hurt or do damage to my car I’ve ordered a new set. I’m sure I could get through another autocross or two (or three)on these, but why risk it? I doubt they’ll last the rest of the year anyways.


I’m going to be a little more responsible to try and stretch the new set longer. I’ve been daily driving on these, not super smart for a 200 treadwear tire. I’ll also have the tires flipped when the outsides get worn down so I can use them for longer. At some point I may even consider crash bolts to max out the negative camber on the front.

Live and learn. Next season I think I’ll try some Potenzas, they have thicker outside shoulders. I considered getting them this time but it would have cost at $100 more.


“You should autocross” they said...”it’s cheap and fun” they said....my wallet hurts