The check engine light came on in my Odyssey, a vehicle that has essentially been relegated to hauling duty only.

Code says knock sensor. Having let it sit for a month (or more) I immediately assumed rodents ate my wires (already happened to the sending unit a couple years ago).

I peered into the V of the engine as best I could, where the knock sensor lives, and I could see a huge ball of dead grass. Rodents confirmed.


Today I pulled the upper intake to replace the harness. After pulling out what seemed like a pillow case worth of bedding, I can see one end of the harness, completely freed of wires. Unfortunately, when I checked the sensor end, the top of it where the harness connects is sitting cockeyed. Damn it, the 13 year old, clearly brittle plastic is broken.

So, I’m admitting defeat on this one. The upper intake is worth the effort. Fuel rails, new tools to get to the sensor, etc are officially too far for a 13 year old van with 180k and a rust hole keeping it from getting a sticker.

Off to the chopping block.

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